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The modern harmonica, or the mouth harp as some old timers prefer to call it, has roots that reach back to the 1820s. However, the linage of “free reed” instruments date back more than 4000 years to China of all places.

Today, you’ll find musicians playing the harmonicas in Blues, Country, Rock Music and of course around the campfire. The fact is that the harmonica is becoming and increasingly popular for entry level musicians to professionals on stage all over the world.

As a mouth harp player myself, I often have young people asking me how they can get started playing themselves. The intention of Huang Harmonicas is be a resource for young musicians to find help learning to play their first note.

Here are my 3 favorite resources for burgeoning harmonica players.

  1. Harmonica Lessons for Beginners on – This one should come as no surprise to anyone who loves music. YouTube is a great resource to learn to play just about any instrument. It is full of professionals and amateurs looking to share their tips on playing the harp.
  2. – This is a great site for anybody who wants to learn in a online social setting. There are plenty of “Club Videos” to watch and learn from.
  3. – This one is geared toward my favorite group of harmonica players, KIDS! One of the appeals of the harp is that it’s an inexpensive first instrument for kids to play with. Any toddler can blow though a harp and make a sound, that’s why it’s often one of the first instruments that kids ever pick up.

There are many more harmonica resources on the web, these are just a few to check out. I hope you bookmark and check back in the future for more hand chosen resources.